About Us


Southeast Asian Library is a Video On-Demand (VOD) streaming service featuring the works of Southeast Asian artists.  Southeast Asian Library brings authentic voices from within the Southeast Asian diaspora communities to the educational market.  More than the traditional VOD model which focuses on well-received, polished popular films and videos, we feature works that compliment the artists that made them. Through a diverse palette of contents captured and composed by individual artists we can learn the unique richness of Southeast Asian culture, its beauty and the true meaning of Southeast Asian diaspora.

Our goal is to provide exposure to Southeast Asian artists’ work that is often neglected or unseen.    Our collections hold unique contents that further research and learning.  It could be a short film, a digital diary or home video footage or award winning films as long as it gives a glimpse into the authenticity of Southeast Asian culture and history.  At the same time, this platform delivers to educators, students, researchers and policy makers unique points of views from content makers with true Southeast Asian sentiments.  We work with archivists, educators, students and researchers to select the materials that are beneficial for them.  Along with each subject matter, we provide additional materials for further study or research.